LFD-FLU is an Inria associate team between the Fluminance Inria group and the LFD laboratory of the Buenos Aires university. The LFD-FLU team, which gathers researchers from both groups, aims at exploring issues related to the modelling of the small-scale flow components through the incorporation of random fields, figuring uncertainties on the flow dynamics. This strategy allows us modelling partially known boundary conditions or missing dissipation contributions associated to unresolved scales or truncated modes. This strategy will be coupled with a continuation of our common past efforts on the study of empirical basis for the flow representation.

Principal investigators

Etienne Mémin, Leader of the Fluminance research group jointly affiliated to Inria, Irstea and the IRMAR laboratory

Guillermo Artana, Head of the LFD laboratory of the Buenos Aires University





Dominique Heitz Keynote speaker at the 2nd Workshop on data assimilation and CFD processing, 13-14 Dec. 2017, Delft, The Netherland

Visit of Alejandro Gronskis from the 25/11/2017 to 15/12/2017 to work on gappy PIV measurements denoising with 4DVar technique

Two months stay of Valentin Ressegier at Benos Aires from the 15/06/2017 to 15/08/2017 to work on Finite Time Lyapounov analysis of stochastic representations

Etienne Mémin (10 days) in Buenos Aires (April 2017)

Last publications

  • A. Gronskis, D. Heitz and E. Mémin, A new hybrid algorithm for variational data assimilation of unsteady wake flow. 2nd Workshop on Data Assimilation & CFD Processing for Particle Image and Tracking Velocimetry, December 13 to 14, 217, Delft, The Netherlands

  • B. Chapron, P. Dérian, E. Mémin and V. resseguier, Large scale flows under location uncertainty: a consistent stochastic framework, Quart. J. of the Roy. Meteo. Soc., In press

  • Valentin Resseguier, Etienne Mémin, Dominique Heitz, Bertrand Chapron (2017) "Stochastic modelling and diffusion modes for proper orthogonal decomposition models and small-scale flow analysis", Journal of Fluid Mechanics.