Tasks placement tool for multiprocessor systems on a chip for Altera DE2 cards

Installation (Linux)

System Configuration

TaskMapper is developed in Java, and needs the java runtime (version 5 or above). TaskMapper can be used with Unix or Windows system.

The design software suite from altera, has to be installed, ie Quartus II, SoPC Builder and Nios2 IDE (version 6.1 was used while designing TaskMapper), with the correct licences.

In order to communicate with the Altera DE2 card, the softwares have to be configured.

The file run.sh

The file run.sh allows to configure the environment, particulary the PATH variable, before running TaskMapper. Indeed, the whole Altera suite has to be accessible. So the paths to the binaries has to be added in the PATH variable. The file run.bat can be found in the root directory of TaskMapper. It has to be edited if the paths are not correct.

NB : it is possible to change the java's path.

List of variables :

List of binaries :

run.sh - example :
#!/bin/sh # Configures environment export QUARTUS_ROOTDIR=/usr/local/quartus export SOPC_KIT_NIOS2=/usr/local/nios2 export SOPC_BUILDER_PATH=${SOPC_KIT_NIOS2} export LM_LICENSE_FILE=${QUARTUS_ROOTDIR}/license.dat # Configures path export PATH=${PATH}:${QUARTUS_ROOTDIR}/bin export PATH=${PATH}:${SOPC_BUILDER_PATH}/bin export PATH=${PATH}:${SOPC_KIT_NIOS2}/bin export PATH=${PATH}:${SOPC_KIT_NIOS2}/bin/nios2-gnutools/H-i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin # Configures java export _JAVA=java # Run TaskMapper $_JAVA -jar TaskMapper.jar


JTAG Configuration

Then the access to the Altera DE2 card has to be configured. The card is accessed using a JTAG serveur. The client status is consultable with the jtagconfig. The JTAG parameters can be found by clicking on the "Hardware Setup" button in the programmer.


In this example, the card is on the PORQUEROLLES' USB port. It is in the first position, so the Card Number value in TaskMapper has to be set to 1.

Remote access to DE2 card

It is possible to remote access to a DE2 card (to configure it and run applications). To get there you have to start Quartus II, then the "program", then:

Setup TaskMapper

Once the system is OK, then TaskMapper can be installed.

Taskmapper can be downloaded in a .tar.bz2 archive. The first step is to decompress the archive .tar.bz2, using the tar command :

Then, TaskMapper can be ran by lauching the script run.sh (make sure it has been correctly edited) :

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