ISI4NAVE is an Associate Team between INRIA project-team Lagadic (Rennes), Aspire CREATe (UCL - London) and Rehabilitation Center of Pôle Saint Hélier (Rennes), funded from 2016 to 2019.

General description

Enhancing the driving experience

This project will address the two complementary issues.

First, the idea is to design an indoor / outdoor efficient obstacle avoidance system that respects the user intention, and does not alter user perception. This involves embedding innovative sensors to tackle the outdoor wheelchair navigation problem.

The second objective is to take advantage of the proposed assistive tool to enhance the user Quality of Experience by means of biofeedback. Indeed, adapted interfaces should improve the understanding of people that suffer from cognitive and/or visual impairments.

The originality of the project is to continuously integrate medical validation as well as clinical trials during the scientific research work in order to match user needs and acceptation.


4th -15th September 2017 | Tom Carlson

Chi Ezeh (PhD student, UCL) in Rennes

17th-20th July 2017 | Tom Carlson

Rehab week in London!

June 2017 - July 2017 | Marie Babel

Louise Devigne (PhD student) and Nicolas Le Borgne (master student) in UCL

Experiments in UCL (PAMELA platform) of wheelchair navigation in a crowd and on curb following

22nd June - 5th July 2017 | Tom Carlson

Devash Hanoomanjee (MSc student, UCL) in Rennes

Evaluation sessions of wheelchair controlled by BCI in Rennes with Devash Hanoomanjee (MSc student, UCL) and Solenne Fortun (Research Ingeneer, Rennes)

12nd June - 16th June 2017 | Marie Babel

Experiments in Rennes (Kerlann campus, with the collaboration of the Inria MIMETIC team) of wheelchair navigation in a crowd

22th-24th November 2016 | Marie Babel

Tom Carlson participates to the jury of Vishnu K. Narayanan's PhD defense

26th-30th September 2016 | Philippe Gallien

Evaluation sessions of haptic feedback in Pôle Saint Hélier (Rennes) with occupational therapists

1st June-20th August 2016 | Tom Carlson

Louise Devigne (PhD student) and Valentin Bureau (master student) in UCL

Evaluation sessions of shared control and haptic feedback in Big@Pamela platform (UCL) with wheelchair users

March 2016 | Philippe Gallien

Evaluation sessions of shared control in Pôle Saint Hélier (Rennes) with wheelchair users

18th-20th April 2016 | Marie Babel

Catherine Holloway and Tom Carlson will present their work in a seminar in Rennes

1st February 2016 | Marie Babel

Creation of the ISI4NAVE associated team!