TIPI is a sub-group of researchers and engineers in the DIONYSOS research team of IRISA / INRIA joint research laboratory in Rennes (France).

The subjects of the research work are methods, algorithms and tools for:

With a special focus on IPv6 and Internet of Things (IoT) related protocols:

This activity led to the development of a TTCN-3 test environment for IPv6, in which we concentrated on the elaboration of the test methodology (and associated tools: see T3DevKit), and on the development of additional test suites for IPv6.

Testing Internet Protocols Interoperability: TIPI group at IRISA/INRIA

TIPI group takes part in the work of the certification group “IPv6 Ready Logo Program”. The team is the representative of Europe in this program, both as technical experts for test specification development, and technical advisors for test results analysis in the certification process.

The TIPI group has been part of Point6 initiative, IPv6 skill center of Brittany region, supported by the “Regional Council of Brittany” (Conseil Régional de Bretagne). As a test laboratory approved by the IPv6 Ready Logo Program, our mission was to help companies in the process to integrate IPv6 protocols in their products or platforms.

The team has been involved in the IPv6 testing at ETSI since the first Task Force (STF). We have participated to STF 236 (IPv6 test scope), STF 256 (TTCN-3 IPv6 toolkit), and STF 276 (TTCN-3 Test Suites for IPv6), a joint ETSI (European Telecommunication Standardization Institute) and eEurope Standardization Project for the Development of Test Specifications for IPv6. Cesar Viho was a member of the STF276 Steering Committee.

Since 2001, our engineers provided expertise to ETSI Plugtest service for the organization of the annual sessions of IPv6 and IoT related interoperability events. The TIPI group also took part since 2001 in the annual sessions of interoperability organized by Japanese project TAHI.

TIPI group contributed strongly to the Go4IT Project (the European project on TTCN-3 based Test Tools and Services for IPv6 protocols). The purpose of the Go4IT project was to provide a generic low cost test environment and associated test services, together with free of charge executable test suites, targeting IPv6 focused protocol testing.

TIPI group is currently a partner of the F-Interop european project aiming at providing “online interoperability and performance tests tools to support emerging technologies from research to standardization”

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