Organizations & Programs

IPv6Forum The new Internet for everyone: Quality, Security and Mobility
IPv6 Ready Logo IPv6 Ready Logo Program
IPv6 Task Force France The French IPv6 Task Force web site (see Recommandations)
G6 The G6 Organization (French IPv6 Users)
ETSI European Telecommunication and Standardization Institute at Sophia-Antipolis
IETF The Internet Engineering Task Force
The TAHI Project Test and Verification for IPv6. Since 1998. Japanese Project
The KAME Project Joint effort of 6 companies in Japan to provide a free IPv6 and IPsec stack for BSD variants in the world
The USAGI project Linux IPv6 Development Project (UniverSAl playGround for Ipv6)
The WIDE Project Asian Organization for network development

Documents and standards

RFC Repositories

  • The RFC repository maintained by the IETF Secretariat.
  • The RFC Editor is the publisher of the RFCs and is responsible for the final editorial review of the documents
  • The repository for French version of the RFCs
  • The RFC Sourcebook is a comprehensive guide to the Request for Comments (RFCs) series of Internet standards and Internet protocols.


TTCN-3The TTCN-3 standard official site


IPv6 Théorie et pratique (French Version only)

Online version available on the Point6 web site
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