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T3DevKit is a free open source toolkit to ease the development of test suites in the TTCN-3 environment. It provides:

  • a CoDec generator (t3cdgen) that automates the development process of the CoDec needed for coding TTCN-3 values into physically transmittable messages and decoding incoming messages
  • a library (t3devlib) that provides
    • an object oriented framework to manipulate TTCN-3 entities (values, ports, timers, external functions…)
    • an implementation of the TRI and TCI standard interfaces
    • default implementations for the system adapter (SA), platform adapter (PA), test management (TM), test logging (TL) and component handling (CH) modules
    • default codecs
  • build scripts for the generation of executable test suites, these are tool-independent and facilitate the distribution of test suite sources

T3DevKit itself is not a TTCN-3 compiler. It is a toolkit intended to provide useful extra features to any compiler/runtime environment that supports the ANSI/C mapping of the TTCN-3 standard interfaces (TRI & TCI). As of today is has been used successfully with the following TTCN-3 tools:

It can also be used with Eclipse IDE: T3DevKit with Eclipse

Please contact us if you are interested to port the toolkit to your favorite tool. We can provide you additional information and help.


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