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Background and Position

I entered the department of Electronics, Electrotechnics and Control at the Ecole Normale Supérieur de Cachan in 2010.
I graduated a Master of Education and Teaching, electrical engineering option in 2013.
The same year I passed the competitive french exam of the Agregation of Engineering Sciences, Electrical Engineering option.
In 2014 I graduated a Master degree in Control and Signal and Image Processing at ENS Cachan, Supélec and University Paris-Sud.
I made my Master research project in the Lagadic team on the tracking of deformable objects in ultrasound volumes.
I am now a PhD student working on the subject of robotized flexible needle steering using ultrasound visual servoing under the supervision of Alexandre Krupa and Marie Babel.
I spent three months of mobility at University of Twente in the Netherlands, where I worked on needle steering at Surgical Robotics Laboratory in the research team of Sarthak Misra.

Research areas

The subject of my PhD is related to the development of a solution for the assistance to the needle insertion procedures. These procedures are more and more commonly used, mainly for diagnosis and treatment of tumors. The steering of a thin flexible needle in soft tissus is a complex task which requires a high accuracy to avoid misdiagnosis or damages to surrounding healthy tissus. My work mainly focus on the design of a control strategy for a robotic arm to which a flexible needle is attached in order to reach a target in the tissus. Visual feedback is obtained through a 3D mechanical ultrasound probe to be able to localize the needle and target during the procedure. Hence I work at the same time on the modeling of the needle-tissue interaction, on the control of a robotic arm by visual servoing and on image processing for the tracking of the needle in ultrasound volumes.



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During my PhD I have been supervising practical work and projects in analogue and digital electronics for students in first year of the Bachelor degree in Electronics at ISTIC (University of Rennes 1).
I will occupy a temporary teaching and research position at ISTIC during the 2017-2018 academic year.

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