Stateful Application Migration in Geo-Distributed Systems”

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IRISA Rennes
Salle METIVIER à 09h30
Paulo SOUZA - Equipe MYRIADS
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Resume :

Mass production of data is increasingly explored, particularly for extracting value from real-time data. With this, there is a need for continuity and quality of services for latency-sensitive applications. Fog computing delivers low-latency communication and attends to the requirements of these emerging applications.

However, mobility presents a challenge as it is necessary to provide techniques to reduce the distance
between the application and its users. Migration comes as a powerful opportunity to relocate applications to perpetually moving users. Migration should occur transparently to the application and the users without compromising its execution.

In this thesis, we address it with the following contributions: the first proposes MyceDrive, a seamless
application migration tool for geo-distributed systems; the second proposes a technique for migrating container volumes exploiting overlay file systems and performing incremental migration. We evaluate both contributions in a real fog environment and compare them with state-of-the-art techniques.

Composition of the jury
- Françoise SAILHAN : IMT Atlantique
- Daniele MIORANDI : Hopper
- Federico FACCA : Martel Innovate
- Gaël THOMAS : Telecom Sud Paris
- Anne-Cécile ORGERIE : CNRS
- Guillaume PIERRE : Université de Rennes 1