Secure Identification for the Internet of Things

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IRISA Rennes
Marzieh Gheisari (Linkmedia)

This study addresses the problem of authentication of low-power devices
in the Internet of Things by introducing new functionalities:
groupmembership verification and identification. The procedure verifies if a given IoT device is a member of a group without revealing the identity of that member. Similarly, group membership identification states which group the device belongs to without knowing the identity. The protocol comprises two mechanisms: quantizing templates into discrete embeddings,making reconstruction difficult,and aggregating several templates into one group representation, impeding identification. Experiments show the trade-off between security/privacy and verification/identification performances.

Composition of the jury
Valerie Viet Triem Tong CentraleSupelec, Rennes - President
Marta Gomez Barrero, Hochschule Ansbach, Germany - Reviewer
Patrick Bas, CNRS, Lille - Reviewer
Boris Skoric, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands - Examiner
Zekeriya Erkin, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands - Examiner
Laurent Amsaleg, CNRS, Rennes - Supervisor
Teddy Furon, Inria, Rennes - Supervisor