Comfort Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)

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IRISA Rennes
Dr. Sawabe Taishi (NAIST)

Warning: the event is not opened to the general public and limited to staff members. 

Abstract: A variety of different robots have been developed for different use cases. Previous studies mostly focus on safety and efficiency to realize robots in human daily life, however, it is also necessary to consider human comfort when the robot lives together with humans. Based on this concept,  realizing comfort interaction in the field of self-driving cars, communication robots, and social touch robots will be targeted in my research. By looking at the latest state-of-the-art research in the field of HRI to explain the meaning of comfort intelligence.

Keywords: autonomous vehicle, human comfort, social touch, VR/AR, agent interaction, and communication robots.

Bio: Dr. Taishi Sawabe (also known as Max) is an Assistant Professor at the Interactive Media Design Laboratory (also known as Prof. Kato's Lab who developed ARToolKit) at NAIST, Japan. He received his B.E. adviser, Prof. Ma, from Ritsumeikan University in the field of biomimetics robots. He received a Ph.D., Adviser Prof. Hagita (known as the founder of ATR Intelligent Robotics Lab) at the Ambient Intelligence Laboratory at NAIST. He started up a technology company called amirobo tech Inc. when he was in Ph.D. candidate. Now, his big interest is how to realize the applicable robot system in HRI combined with academic knowledge and a business mind. His research interest is biomimetics robots, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), Human comforts, VR/AR, Social touch, and Autonomous vehicles.