Health and Biology

Digital information and treatments, tools and services related to new technologies in the fields of health and biology have become essential. On the one hand in terms of medical improvement, efficiency and safety, and on the other hand in the development of a digital sector with cutting-edge industrial know-how and the creation of new professions alongside healthcare professionals.  

IRISA's research teams are the bearers of these scientific and technological innovations in human and animal health and life sciences. The Biology-Health transversal axis brings together these research teams to facilitate the emergence of collaborations at the local, national and international level with institutional or industrial partners.

It thus contributes to responding to major societal issues by tackling the fundamental IT challenges posed by applications in health and life sciences:

  •    integrative approaches from the gene to the environment,
  • the processing of massive data and their security,
  • complex system modeling (physical system modeling, knowledge modeling).

The Health Biology axis relies in particular on its internationally recognized research platforms and scientific collaborations to develop cutting-edge work in the fields of :

  •  Medical image analysis (NeurInfo platform): providing new, more precise and faster techniques (3D or 4D imaging).
  • Xomics data (GenOuest platform): Processing and analysis of heterogeneous data masses concerning pathologies and genomics.
  • Exploitation of real-life data (collaboration with the CHU, IRSET and EHESP): Processing and analysis of heterogeneous patient data masses
  • virtual environments (IMMERSIA platform) and robotics. VR and robotics is becoming a valuable aid for surgeons, in the training of healthcare personnel, in the rehabilitation of certain pathologies ...

Through its teams, the Health Biology axis develops strong collaborations in the academic and entrepreneurial ecosystem (collaboration with many companies, member of Atlantopole biothératie, partnerships with the IRT B-Com).

Project leader: Julie Coloigner et Yann Le Cunff