The bodies of the Mixed Research Center (UMR)

Executive board

Following the advice of the coordinating committee and of the laboratory council, the director and deputy director(s) are appointed jointly by the partner institutions. The management decides on the use of all the means made available to the laboratory by the partners for the implementation of the unit's scientific project.

Laboratory council

Management decision support for all matters relating to scientific policy, resource management, organization and operation of the unit. It has an advisory role.

Scientific board

The Scientific board is the advisory and decision-making body of the executive board in terms of scientific policy, allocation of resources within the unit and between teams. The board, statutorily composed of the leaders of IRISA’s scientific departments,  meets regularly under the chairmanship of the director.

Scientific Steering Committee

The committee is in charge of scientific foresight, analysis of the environment and research prospects applicable to the unit.



Sensitive to the subjects of career development, gender equality and sustainable development, IRISA has among its bodies a personal commission, a sustainable development commission and a gender equality commission. This one, made up of about fifteen members (teaching and research staff, researchers, ITA, doctoral students), implements actions in different areas: demystifying the issues of parity, raising awareness of stereotypes, scientific mediation, legitimizing women's science and making it visible, monitoring and facilitating careers, improving working conditions ... (more information on their website)