Awards & Prizes

Every year, IRISA sees its members rewarded with international prizes and awards.

Seven European Research Council Grant (ERC) Winners

logo ERC European Research Concil

The ERC encourages research of the highest quality in Europe through competitive funding and supports investigator-initiated frontier research in all disciplines on the basis of scientific excellence. Seven scientists have been supported for the quality of their research in our laboratory (from left to right on the picture):

2017 : David Pichardie, professor ENS Rennes, ex-member of the CELTIQUE team
2016 : Stéphanie Delaune, CNRS Research Director, member of the EMSEC team
2015 : Christine Guillemot, Inria Research Director, member of the SIRROCO team
2013 : Hervé Jegou, Inria Research Director, ex-member of the TEXMEX team (today LINKMEDIA)
2012 : Rémi Gribonval, Inria Research Director, ex-member of the PANAMA team
2010 : André Seznec, Inria Research Director, member of the PACAP team
2007 : Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Inria Research Director, ex-member of the ASAP team

gauche à droite David Pichardie, Stéphanie Delaune, Christine Guillemot, Hervé Jégou, Rémi Gribonval, André Seznec et A-M Kermarrec

Institut universitaire de France (IUF)

Six of our scientists have been selected to be members of the Institut universitaire de France (IUF).

Our 3 last elected junior members being Mathieu Acher (teacher-researcher Université de Rennes1, member of the DIVERSE team) in june 2021, Élisa Fromont (Professor Université de Rennes1, member of the LACODAM team) in may 2019 and Maud Marchal (teacher-researcher INSA, member of the HYBRID team) in may 2018.

membres IUF
Left to right: Mathieu Acher, Maud Marchal, Élisa Fromont, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Gildas Avoine, Michel Raynal.

Other recent prestigious national or international awards

De gauche à droite Anne-Cécile Orgerie, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Anatole Lecuyer

(from left to right)
Anne-Cécile Orgerie (
CNRS researcher) was awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal in 2020.
Paolo Robuffo Giordano (CNRS Research Director) was awarded the Michel Montpetit Prize - Inria by the French Academy of Sciences in 2019.
Anatole Lecuyer (Inria Research Director) received the IEEE VGTC award for technical achievements in virtual reality in 2019.

The impact of their scientific contributions is attested by numerous awards around the world (Test Of Time Award, Best paper Award, Most Influential POPL Award...), and by a thousand publications each year, most of them in conferences and journals with the strongest impact factors in the digital domain.

And some of our scientist are fellows from international learned societies such as ACM or IEEE