AI - Artificial intelligence

40% of the research teams, i.e. about 300 scientists in the laboratory, carry out work related to this field giving rise to more than a hundred national and international collaborative projects with academic partners, SMEs and large groups.

A majority of these teams contribute to the different disciplinary fields of AI, in particular robotics and perception, learning, knowledge representation and reasoning. The others are positioning themselves as advanced users of AI, in particular by combining learning and reasoning techniques with other disciplines such as cybersecurity or systems engineering, thus exploring new research directions.

This research benefits from a rich training ecosystem, provided in partner higher education institutions (University of Rennes 1, INSA Rennes, CentraleSupelec, IMT Atlantique, ENS Rennes, ENSAI, etc.) and numerous industrial partners (Airbus, AFP, Safran, Orange, Nokia, Sanofi, Valeo, Vinci Construction, Total, Facebook, etc.) .

Project leader : Olivier Ridoux (Professor Université Rennes 1)