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Motion2D File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
CImageReader.cppDefinition of the CImageReader class
CImageReader.h [code]File to include to use CImageReader
CImageWriter.cppDefinition of the CImageWriter class
CImageWriter.h [code]File to include to use CImageWriter
CMotion2D.cppDefinition of the CMotion2D class
CMotion2D.h [code]File to include to use CMotion2D
CMotion2DEstimator.cppDefinition of the CMotion2DEstimator class
CMotion2DEstimator.h [code]File to include to use CMotion2DEstimator
CMotion2DImage.h [code]File to include to use CMotion2DImage
CMotion2DImage_base.cppDefinition of the CMotion2DImage template class
CMotion2DModel.cppDefinition of the CMotion2DModel class
CMotion2DModel.h [code]File to include in order to use the CMotion2DModel class
CMotion2DPyramid.cppDefinition of the CMotion2DPyramid class
CMotion2DPyramid.h [code]File to include to use CMotion2DPyramid
CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2.cppDefinition of the CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2 class
CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2.h [code]File to include to use CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2
CMotion2DWarping.cppDefinition of CMotion2DWarping
CMotion2DWarping.h [code]File to include to use CMotion2DWarping
CMpeg2Reader.cppDefinition of the CMpeg2Reader class
CMpeg2Reader.h [code]File to include to use CMpeg2Reader
CReader.cppDefinition of the CReader class
CReader.h [code]File to include to use CReader
CWriter.cppDefinition of the CWriter class
CWriter.h [code]File to include to use CWriter
FieldVector.cppDefinition of field vectors input/output functions
FieldVector.h [code]Definition of field vectors input/output functions
Motion2D.h [code]File included when using CMotion2DModel, CMotion2DPyramid, CMotion2DEstimator or CMotion2DWarping
Motion2DImage_PNG.cppDefinition of PNG image format input/output functions
Motion2DImage_PNG.h [code]Definition of PNG image format input/output functions
Motion2DImage_PNM.cppDefinition PNM image format input/output functions
Motion2DImage_PNM.h [code]Definition of PNM image format input/output functions
Motion2DImage_RAW.cppDefinition RAW image format input/output functions
Motion2DImage_RAW.h [code]Definition of RAW image format input/output functions

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