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CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2 Class Reference

The CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2 class implements an Mpeg2 decoder. More...

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Public Methods

 CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2 ()
 ~CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2 ()
int getWidth ()
int getHeight ()
int getChannels ()
int openStream (const char *filename)
int initStream (int i=0)
int closeStream ()
int getFrame (unsigned char **bitmap)
unsigned long getFrameNumber ()
int skipFrame ()
void free ()

Detailed Description

The CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2 class implements an Mpeg2 decoder.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Mpeg2 decoder constructor.


Mpeg2 decoder destructor.

Member Function Documentation

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::closeStream  

Close an Mpeg2 video stream.

void CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::free  

Free allocated memory for the decoder.

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::getChannels  

Return the number of channels of the images; one channel for grey level images, and tree channels for color images.

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::getFrame unsigned char **    bitmap

Get a decoded frame from the Mpeg2 video stream.

bitmap  The address of the frame.

unsigned long CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::getFrameNumber  

Get the current frame number in the Mpeg2 video stream.

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::getHeight  

Return the decoded image height.

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::getWidth  

Return the decoded image width.

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::initStream int    getdct = 0

Initialize the Mpeg2 video decoder.

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::openStream const char *    filename

Open an Mpeg2 video stream.

true if the Mpeg2 file was openned, false otherwise.

int CMotion2DVideo_Mpeg2::skipFrame  

Skip the next frame in the Mpeg2 video stream.

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