Publications 2012

Academic Journals

  1. Nathalie Bertrand, Axel Legay, Sophie Pinchinat, Raclet Jean-Baptiste. Modal event-clock specifications for timed component-based design. Science of Computer Programming, 77:1212-1234, 2012. details doi pdf
  2. F. Cassez, J. Dubreil, H. Marchand. Synthesis of Opaque Systems with Static and Dynamic Masks. Formal Methods in System Design, 40(1):88-115, 2012. details doi pdf
  3. Y. Falcone, J-C Fernandez, T. Jéron, H. Marchand, L. Mounier. More Testable Properties. STTT: Software Tools for Technology Transfer, (Extension of the ICTSS'10 paper), 14(2):403-437, 2012. details doi pdf
  4. Y. Falcone, L. Mounier, Fernandez J.-C, J.-L. Richier. Runtime enforcement monitors: composition, synthesis, and enforcement abilities. Formal Methods in System Design, available as online first, 2012. details doi pdf
  5. G. Kalyon, T. Le Gall, H. Marchand, T. Massart. Symbolic Supervisory Control of Infinite Transition Systems under Partial Observation using Abstract Interpretation. Discrete Event Dynamic Systems : Theory and Applications, 22(2):121-161, 2012. details doi pdf
  6. Philippe Darondeau, Stephane Demri, Roland Meyer, Christophe Morvan. Petri Net Reachability Graphs: Decidability Status of First Order Properties. Logical Methods in Computer Science, 8(4):1-28, October 2012. details doi pdf
  7. C. Baier, M. Grösser, N. Bertrand. Probabilistic w-automata. Journal of the ACM, 59(1), February 2012. details doi

International Conferences

  1. S. Chédor, C. Morvan, S. Pinchinat, H. Marchand. Analysis of partially observed recursive tile systems. In 11th Int. Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, Pages 265-271, Guadalajara, Mexico, October 2012. details pdf
  2. N. Bertrand, J. Fearnley, S. Schewe. Bounded Satisfiability for PCTL. In proceedings of the 21st EACSL Annual Conferences on Computer Science Logic (CSL'12), LIPIcs, Pages 92-106, Fontainebleau, France, September 2012. details doi pdf
  3. N. Bertrand, S. Schewe. Playing Optimally on Timed Automata with Random Delays. In proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (Formats'12), LNCS, Volume 7595, Pages 43-58, London, UK, September 2012. details doi pdf
  4. S. Pinisetty, Y. Falcone, T. Jéron, H. Marchand, A. Rollet, O. Nguena Timo. Runtime Enforcement of Timed Properties. In Third International Conference on Runtime Verification RV 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2012. details pdf
  5. A. Stainer. Frequencies in Forgetful Timed Automata. In proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (Formats'12), LNCS, Volume 7595, London, UK, September 2012. details doi pdf
  6. N. Bertrand, G. Delzanno, B. König, A. Sangnier, J. Stückrath. On the Decidability Status of Reachability and Coverability in Graph Transformation Systems. In 23rd International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications, LIPIcs 15, Pages 101-116, Nagoya, Japan, May 2012. details pdf
  7. S. Chédor, T. Jéron, C. Morvan. Test generation from recursive tiles systems. In TAP - 6th International Conference on Tests & Proofs - 2012, LNCS, Volume 7305, Pages 99-114, Prague, May 2012. details pdf
  8. P. Bulychev, D. David, K. Larsen, A. Legay, G. Li, D. Poulsen, A. Stainer. Monitor-Based Statistical Model Checking for Weighted Metric Temporal Logic. In The 18th International Conference on Logic for Programming Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, LNCS, Volume 7180, Pages 168-182, Mérida, Venezuela, March 2012. details doi pdf

Research Reports

  1. A. Stainer. Frequencies in Forgetful Timed Automata. Research Report INRIA, No 8009, 2012. details pdf

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