Centre Inria Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 Rennes Cedex

Tel : (+33) (0)2 99 84 75 15

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Research interests

My research interests first focused on studies related to the analysis of fluid flows from image sequences. Toward this end, my interests concerned principally the conception of fluid motion estimators, the study of visual tracking procedures or the elaboration of image-based data assimilation schemes allowing to couple numerical models and images. These past years, I primarily explored methodological frameworks for the incorporation of uncertainties in fluid flow dynamical models. My research works are at the crossing of several scientific disciplines such as Computer Vision, Applied Mathematics, Geophysics and Fluid Mechanics.

Professional experiences

2022-present Research Director (Full Professor status) at Inria and Leader of the Odyssey research group

Visiting professor Imperial College London 2020- 2026

PI of the ERC grant STUOD

2008-2022 Research Director (Full Professor status) at Inria and Leader of the Fluminance research group

2006-2008 Invited Research Position, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, University of Buenos Aires

2003-2007 Leader of the basic research European project (Future Emerging Technologies project) FLUID

2003 HDR, University Rennes I “Optical-flow estimation: contributions and panorama of the different approaches”