The Visionair project goals :

Visionair is a European infrastructure for high level visualisation facilities that is open to research communities accross Europe ans around the world.

Current scientific challenges such as climate evolution, environmental risks, molecular biology, health, and energy require the management of increasingly complex and voluminous information, thus calling for the development of ever more powerful visualisation methods and tools


Visionair type of services and target groups :

Visionair is a common infrastructure that grants researchers access to high level visualisation facilities and resources. Both physical access and virtual services will be provided by the infrastructure. Full access to visualization-dedicated software is organised, while physical access to high level platforms is accessible to other scientists, free of charge, based on the quality of the project submtted. Indeed, researchers from Europe and around the world are welcom to carry out their research projects using the visualisation facilities provided by the infrastructure.


Visionair projects in Immersia :




Visionair partners :


















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