VR accelerator for learning basketball throws

Proposer : Alexandra Covaci, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

Visit Dates: 21 May- 31 May 2013

The teams included Alexandra Covaci from  Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. Franck Multon, and Marwan Badawi, who are with IRISA/INRIA/Université de Rennes 2/Insa de Rennes/CNRS, Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu, Rennes, France.






Context and aim

• Implementation of a free-throw simulator
 – user-friendly interface
 – modular program
 – learning platform for people
• Increasing the quality and speed of learning
• Developing motor skills
• Multidisciplinary work
 – Computer science, Virtual reality, Sports science, Biomechanics
• Immersia in VISIONAIR project was a unique chance to address the problem
• Basketball free throw involves
 – large spaces (requiring large screens),
 – high speeds (requiring high-speed tracking facilities)
 – high accuracy (requiring accurate motion capture facilities).
• Technical facility gives the possibility to evaluate if immersive environments are promising means to improve physical performance.
 – Many papers demonstrate that this type of environment improves motivation
 – It is still difficult to demonstrate a real improvement of the physical skills with such a technology.
• Next step of this project is to more clearly analyze how to involve such an approach
 – in a real learning process and with low cost systems.