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Proposer : Francesco Grani, Alboorg University, Denmark

Visit Dates: 8 July- 19 July 2013


The teams included Francesco Grani and Stefania Serafin, who are with the Section for Medialogy, Aalborg University, Denmark. Ferran Argelaguet, Valérie Gouranton, Marwan Badawi, Ronan Gaugne and Anatole Lécuyer are with IRISA/INRIA/Insa de Rennes/Université de Rennes 1/CNRS, Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu, Rennes, France.

Aim and context

• Test the importance of spatialized audio in a VR walking experience, in a large space.
• Build an interactive audio-visual environment where the user walks around in presence of sounding objects.
• Test the interaction with the environment in different conditions:
 – Sound is rendered with binaural techniques
 – Binaural sound field is affected by a roto-translation
 – Sound is rendered with stereo technique.
• Test the degree of immersion that the user can achieve in the different conditions
• Test the main differences that can be identified between those different kinds of auditory feedbacks.