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What is Camelis ?

This software is an implementation of Logical Information Systems (LIS).
A LIS allows to automatically organize data given an indexation of objects by logical properties,
and to combine boolean querying and non-hierarchical navigation when searching information.

Screenshot of Camelis with pictures

It is developped by Sébastien Ferré in project LIS at Irisa.

How does it work ?

LIS are based on Concept Analysis, which provide a formal way to organize object-centered data in a concept lattice.
This lattice acts as a navigation space where each concept is a navigation place, and any object can be in any number
of places. These places are reached by following navigation links that are automatically computed from original data.
A logical generalization of concept analysis is use so that expressive formulas can be used to describe objects, formulate
queries, and represent navigation links.

Screenshot of Camelis with bibliography


This software is ditributed under the GNU General Public License.
It is registered at the APP with IDDN FR 001 290001 000 S P 2005 000 10300.

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Last modification: June 24, 2005