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Camelis 2

What is Camelis 2?

Camelis 2 is an evolution of Camelis towards the Semantic Web.
This is a prototype rapidly changing, and not yet a fully operational tool, like Camelis 1.4 is.
At the moment, it serves experimentation purposes.

What can be done with Camelis 2?

Camelis 2 can import and browse RDFS graphs.
It accepts the RDF/XML format, and a custom text format similar to the notation N3.
The later is an evolution of .ctx files already used in Camelis 1.*.

Querying, navigation and updating have been extended to cope with the richer data model of RDFS.

How to try Camelis 2?

You can download an executable glis-2.0.3-linux.exe, and run it on a Linux machine (we use Fedora).
From there, context files (.ctx)  and RDF files can be imported from the menu File > Import.

The file GeorgeWashington.ctx is a context file about the genealogy of George Washington.
This dataset can be completed by applying the inference rules from the file rules.ctx (to be imported
after the genealogy file).

How to use Camelis 2?

No documentation is yet available for Camelis 2, but reading the manual of Camelis 1.4.1 is still of help.
The interface is nearly the same, and it is mostly the syntax of queries, index terms, and updates that has

If you have any question or suggestion, contact me at my email address (ferre at irisa dot fr).

Last modification: Nov 24, 2009