Master Internships (2022-2023)

Below are few topics for research internships. They can be adapted to the academic level of the candidates.
Please contact us for more details. Slides presenting the team and the topics.

  • Dynamic Partial Order Reduction et Directed Model-Checking pour la vérification de programmes distribués asynchrones [PDF]
    Contact: Martin Quinson and Thierry Jéron

  • Parameterized verification of asynchronous distributed programs [PDF]
    The objective of this internship is to develop formal verification techniques, in the style of parameterized verification, to assess properties of asynchronous distributed programs.
    Contact: Nathalie Bertrand and Thierry Jéron

  • Simulation symbolique de réseaux de transport. [PDF] The objective of this internship is to develop symbolic simulation techniques to speed up quantitative evaluation of properties of transport systems (Metros, buses,....).