Research interships

Master Internships in the SUMO team (2016-2017)

A pointer to the presentation of 2015 topics in powerpoint can be found [Here]

We list below few topics for research internships. They can be adapted to the academic level of the candidates.
Please contact us for more details.

  • Modelling complex systems
    • Models for complex workflows in crowdsourcing systems (English)
  • Quantitative verification
    • Abstraction refinement for weighted timed automata (English)
    • Abstraction for parameterized model checking (English)
    • Quantitative analysis of parameterized networks (French, English)
  • Control and testing
    • Control of adaptative systems (English)
    • Distributed control of concurrent secrets (French)
    • Automatic and modular tests synthesis (French)
    • Smart urban trains (French)