BASS-dB: the Blind Audio Source Separation evaluation database
Selected mixtures and separation results
Stereo underdetermined instantaneous
Details about mixture "Latino 1"
Author: Rémi Gribonval (original sources by Alban Sautour)
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0
Sampling frequency: 44.1 KHz
Duration: 5.0 s
Number of channels: 2
Number of sources: 5
Source labels: bass, drums 1, drums 2, guitar, keyboard
Channel labels: left, right
Source sound files: src_1.wav  src_2.wav  src_3.wav  src_4.wav  src_5.wav    
Mixture sound files: mix_stereo.wav    
Mixing matrix:
Comments: This mixture is nonsense because the two drums sources come in fact from the same source. However this is good music involving lots of instruments playing together, not only two.

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