BASS-dB: the Blind Audio Source Separation evaluation database
Mixing filters
This page lists the sets of mixing filters, the room acoustics software and the studio mixing software available for download.
WAV files can be loaded into MATLAB using the wavread command.

Tom's Audio Processing plugins for Ardour
Author: Tom Szilagyi
Filter type: synthetic filters for studio mixing
License: GNU General Public License version 2
Number of sources: unlimited
Number of channels: 2
Configuration: these plugins are to be used within the Linux mixing software Ardour which already provides time-varying gain and pan controls, they add other standard stereo mixing effects (autopan, chorus/flanger, reverberation, echo) and mono/stereo processing effects (compression/expansion, equalization, pitch shifting, tremolo/vibrato, etc)
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CIPIC head related transfer functions
Author: V. Ralph Algazi, Richard O. Duda, Dennis M. Thompson and Carlos Avendano
Filter type: HRTFs measured at U.C. Davis CIPIC Interface Laboratory (anechoic chamber)
Number of sources: 1250
Number of channels: 2
Configuration: microphones placed on a KEMAR head mannequin and impulse responses recorded for 25 different azimuths and 50 different elevations
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Espro AB narrow, ORTF and close mics impulse responses
Author: Emmanuel Vincent, Cédric Févotte and Rémi Gribonval
Filter type: room impulse responses measured at IRCAM, Espace de Projection
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0
Number of sources: 5
Number of channels: 9
Configuration: 5 sources spaced along a circle of radius 4 m at respective angles -45°, -20°, +5°, +30° and +55°, 1 AB narrow stereo microphone and 1 ORTF stereo microphone at the center of the circle plus 1 close mono microphone at 50 cm of each source
Comments: reverberation time T60 equal to 800 ms
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Roomsim MATLAB toolbox for the simulation of "shoebox" room acoustics
Author: Douglas R. Campbell
Filter type: simulated room impulse responses in a "shoebox" room
License: GNU General Public License version 2
Number of sources: unlimited
Number of channels: 1 or 2
Configuration: all possible source-microphone configurations can be setup, configurations with more than 2 microphones can be obtained by running several simulations in the same room
Comments: realistic wall materials can be chosen to achieve various reverberation times and realistic microphone responses are provided (omnidirectional, unidirectional or binaural)
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