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N. Bertrand, Ph. Schnoebelen. Verifying Nondeterministic Channel Systems With Probabilistic Message Losses. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Automated Verification of Infinite-State Systems (AVIS'04), Ramesh Bharadwaj (ed.), Barcelona, Spain, April 2004.

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Lossy channel systems (LCS's) are systems of finite state automata that communicate via unreliable unbounded fifo channels. In order to circumvent the undecidability of model checking for nondeterministic LCS's, probabilistic models have been introduced, where it can be decided whether a linear-time property holds almost surely. However, such fully probabilistic systems are not a faithful model of nondeterministic protocols. We study a hybrid model for LCS's where losses of messages are seen as faults occurring with some given probability, and where the internal behavior of the system remains nondeterministic. Thus the semantics is in terms of infinite-state reactive Markov chains (equivalently, Markovian decision processes). A similar model was introduced in the second part of our FOSSACS'03 article: we continue this work and give a complete picture of the decidability of qualitative model checking for MSO-definable properties and some relevant subcases


Nathalie Bertrand http://www.irisa.fr/prive/nbertran/

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