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Triskell has developped KerMeta. Kermeta is a metamodelling language that defines both the structure and the behavior of metamodels.  It has been designed to be fully compliant with the OMG metamodeling language EMOF (part of the MOF 2.0 specification) and provides an action language for specifying the behavior of models.
It is developped with an open source license EPL (Eclipse Public License).

Please follow the link to for more information on kermeta language and workbench.

Kermeta is the corner stone for all our recent developments in the team.

We use kermeta to build a framework for the popular metamodels. This framework provides the basis for reusable model transformations for metamodels like Ecore, EMOF, UML2.0, ...

When applicable, this framework also defines the behavior of those metamodels (Statechart part of UML2.0, ...)