Ice density image assimilation (north pole) "Avenel et al. Stochastic level set dynamics to track closed curves through image data. Journ of Math. Imaging and Vision, 2014"


Stochastic SQG models "V. Resseguier, E. Mémin, B. Chapron, Geophysical flows under location uncertainty, Part I, II & III 2017"


I am a researcher at Inria where I lead the Fluminance research group. My research focuses on the study of methods for fluid flows analysis from image sequences. This concerns essentially the study of methodologies for the estimation or the tracking along time of features transported by the flow. To that end we rely on methods allowing the coupling between dynamics models and image data. The set up of large scale stochastic dynamical models, the identification of reduced order dynamical models, the devise of dedicated flow measurement techniques, as well as the design of image-based data assimilation frameworks are few research topics related to such an axis of work. This research activity is at the crossing of several disciplines such as Geophysical sciences, Fluid Mechanics, Computer Vision and Applied Mathematics.

Responsabilities and Activities

Leader of the Fluminance group jointly affiliated to Inria, the mathematical research institute of Rennes I University ( IRMAR ) and Irstea

Associate editor for the Int. Journ. Comp. Vision ( IJCV) and for the Im. Vis. Comp journal (IVC)

Responsible of the Inria Technological Development Commission (CDT) at the Rennes Inria Centre



tel: 02 99 84 75 15

Personal scholar google page, Research Gate


Benoit Pinier PhD defense, 02/2019, Application of similarity theory in turbulence.

Pranav Chandramouli PhD defense, 19/1O/2018,Turbulent complex flows reconstruction via data assimilation in large eddy models.

Last publications

  • B. Pinier, E. Mémin, S. Laizet, R. Lewandowski, A stochastic flow approach to model the mean velocity profile of wall-bounded flows, Physical Review E, 2019.
  • Y. Yang, E. Mémin, Estimation of physical parameters under location uncertainty using an Ensemble^2-Expectation-Maximization algorithm, Quaterly journal of the royal meteorological society, 2019, PDF
  • B. Chapron, P. Dérian, E. Mémin, V. Resseguier, Large scale flows under location uncertainty: a consistent stochastic framework, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 2018, PDF
  • P. Chandramouli, D., S. Laizet, E. Mémin, Coarse large-eddy simulations in a transitional wake flow with flow models under location uncertainty, Computers and Fluids. 2018, PDF