Ice density image assimilation (north pole) "Avenel et al. Stochastic level set dynamics to track closed curves through image data. Journ of Math. Imaging and Vision, 2014"


Stochastic SQG models "V. Resseguier, E. Mémin, B. Chapron, Geophysical flows under location uncertainty, Part I, II & III 2017"


My research interests mainly focus on stochastic modeling of geophysical flows and data assimilation methods. This research essentially involves the study of methodologies for estimating or tracking characteristic motion features of flows observed through satellite observations. This includes mathematical analysis and the development of large-scale stochastic dynamical models, the identification of reduced-order dynamical models, the design of dedicated flow measurement techniques, as well as the creation of image-based data assimilation frameworks. This research activity intersects with several disciplines, including geophysical sciences, fluid mechanics, computational sciences, and applied mathematics.

Responsabilities and Activities

Leader of the Odyssey group group jointly affiliated with Inria, University of Rennes , IRMAR , IFremer, LOPS , UBO, IMT Atlantique and Lab-STICC

Visiting professor, Department of Mathematics , Imperial College London



tel: 02 99 84 75 15

Personal scholar google page, Research Gate


ERC STUOD awarded (web Site)

Odyssey team created (web Site)

Last publications

  • O. Lang, D. Crisan, E. Mémin, Analytical Properties for a Stochastic Rotating Shallow Water Model Under Location Uncertainty, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, , 25 (2), pp.29, 2023. PDF .
  • A. Debussche, B. Hug, E. Mémin, A consistent stochastic large-scale representation of the Navier-Stokes equations, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, 25 (1), pp. 19, 2023, PDF .
  • L. Li, B. Deremble, N. Lahaye, E. Mémin, Stochastic Data-Driven Parameterization of Unresolved Eddy Effects in a Baroclinic Quasi-Geostrophic Model, Journal of Advances in Modelling Earth Systems, 15 (2), 2023, PDF .
  • G. Tissot, A. V. G. Cavalieri, E. Mémin, Input-output analysis of the stochastic Navier-Stokes equations: application to turbulent channel flow, Physical Review Fluids, 8 (3), 033904, 2023, PDF .