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Number 13 to 18

Checks the inclusion of A and C, and of C and B.

As a final note: some functions are defined for Domains, others for Polyhedra. A domain is simply a list of polyhedrons. Every polyhedron structure has a "next" pointer used to make a list of polyhedrons.

For instance, the union of two disjoint polyhedra is a domain consisting of two polyhedra. If you want the enclosing convex domain, you have to call DomainConvex(Pol1, 200) explicity. Note that the inclusion function does not work on domains, only on simple polyhedrons...

The output produced by the program is shown in Fig. [*].

Figure: The test.c output
\begin{figure}\begin{verbatim}Polyhedral Library Testa =4 4
1 0 1 -1
1 -1... C since C = A intersect B
and C does not cover B...\end{verbatim}\end{figure}

Sorin Olaru 2002-04-24