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This file documents the SPro toolkit for speech signal processing, for SPro release 4.0.

1. Introduction  What is SPro?
2. Speech analysis techniques  Basics of speech analysis techniques
3. The SPro tools  The SPro user manual
4. The SPro library  The SPro programmer manual
5. Quick reference guide  
6. Changes  Changes in SPro
A. GNU Free Documentation License  

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1.1 What is SPro?  What is SPro good for?
1.2 How to read this manual?  How to read this document?
1.3 Installing SPro  SPro installation
1.4 Reporting bugs  
1.5 Contributors  People who contributed

Speech analysis techniques

2.1 Pre-emphasis and windowing  Short term windows and pre-emphasis
2.2 Variable resolution spectral analysis  
2.3 Filter-bank analysis  Filter-bank speech analysis
2.4 Linear predictive analysis  Linear prediction speech analysis
2.5 Cepstral analysis  
2.6 Deltas and normalization  Delta, acceleration and feature normalization

The SPro tools

3.1 File formats  Waveform and feature file formats
3.2 Common options  Tools common options
3.3 I/O via stdin and stdout  Standard input, standard output and pipes
3.4 Extracting features  Feature extraction with SPro
3.5 Manipulating feature streams  The scopy utility for manipulating feature streams

File formats

3.1.1 Waveform streams  Supported input waveform file formats
3.1.2 Feature streams  Output feature file format

Common options

3.2.1 I/O options  Common I/O options
3.2.2 Waveform framing options  Common frame blocking options
3.2.3 Feature vector options  Common feature vector extraction options
3.2.4 Miscellaneous options  More common options

Extracting features

3.4.1 Filter-bank analysis tools  Tools for filter-bank derived features
3.4.2 LPC analysis tools  Tools for linear prediction derived features

Filter-bank analysis tools

Filter-bank log-magnitude features  All about sfbank
Filter-bank cepstral features  All about sfbcep
Options  sfbank and sfbcep options

LPC analysis tools

Linear prediction coefficients  All about slpc
Linear prediction cepstrum  All about slpcep
Options   slpc and slpcep options

Manipulating feature streams

3.5.1 Operations on feature streams  Maniuplating feature streams with scopy
3.5.2 Exporting features  Exporting features to alien formats with scopy
3.5.3 Importing from a previous SPro release  Compatibility questions
3.5.4 Copy options  scopy options

The SPro library

4.1 Waveform streams  Functions related to waveforms
4.2 Feature description flags  Describing feature vector contents
4.3 Feature streams  Reading and writing features
4.4 Storing features without streams  I/O with feature buffers
4.5 Feature conversion  Adding delta features, CMS, etc...
4.6 FFT-based functions  FFT analysis functions
4.7 LPC-based functions  LPC analysis functions
4.8 Miscellaneous functions  Whatever could not go anywhere else

Waveform streams

4.1.1 Memory allocation  Memory allocation for waveforms
4.1.2 Opening streams  Opening waveform streams for reading
4.1.3 Reading frames  Reading frames from a waveform stream
4.1.4 Computing frame energy  

Feature streams

4.3.1 Opening feature streams  Opening feature streams for I/O
4.3.2 Reading and writing feature vectors  Reading features from and writing features to streams
4.3.3 Seeking into a stream  Access a particular frame in a stream

Opening feature streams

Conversion flags  Dynamically converting features at I/O time
Opening for I/O  Open a feature stream
Accessing stream attributes  What's the stream dimension, frame rate, etc...

Storing features without streams

4.4.1 Buffer allocation  Allocating memory for a buffer
4.4.2 Accessing buffer elements  Accessing vectors in a buffer
4.4.3 Buffer I/O  Reading and writing buffers to disk
4.4.4 Buffers and streams  Direct access to stream buffers (not recommended)

FFT-based functions

4.6.1 Fourier transform  Fast Fourier transform of a signal
4.6.2 Filter-bank  Filter-bank integration
4.6.3 Cosine transform  Discrete Cosine Transform

LPC-based functions

4.7.1 Linear prediction  Computing linear prediction coefficients
4.7.2 LPC conversion  Conversions between LPC, LAR, PARCOR and LSF

Quick reference guide

5.1 sfbank  sfbank reference
5.2 sfbcep  sfbcep reference
5.3 slpc  slpc reference
5.4 slpcep  slpcep reference
5.5 scopy  scopy reference


Usage  Syntax
Synopsis  Brief description


Usage   Syntax
Synopsis   Brief description


Usage   Syntax
Synopsis   Brief description


Usage   Syntax
Synopsis   Brief description


Usage   Syntax
Synopsis   Brief description


6.1 History  The history of SPro
6.2 Changes from previous version  What's new from the previous version?
6.3 Compatibility  Is th current version compatible with the previous one?

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