OpenMASK (Modular Animation and Simulation Kit) is a platform for modular applications development and execution in animation, simulationand virtual reality fields.

In OpenMASK, the modularity unit is the simulated object. It can be used to describe an entity or a virtual object behaviour or motion control as well as input devices. Building a virtual environment with OpenMASK consists in selecting and configuring the appropriate simulated objects, and choosing an execution kernel fulfilling the application needs. Of course, new simulated objects classes have to be built if they do not already exist. They can be also reused in other applications.

OpenMASK comes with multi-site (for distributed applications: distributed virtual reality, distributed simulation …) and/or multi-threaded (for parallel computations) kernels. These kernels enable off-line simulation as well as interactive animation.

We are developing meta-model tools to built openMASK Virtual Reality applications. It is an Eclipse plugin. It allows you to design, to generate, to document OSOs and to store this classes in a mySQL database. With this data base an editor allows you to design a VR application and built its configuration files.

Official site of OpenMASK

Some realisations with OpenMASK in Immersia