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H. Marchand, P. Bournai, M. Le Borgne, P. Le Guernic. Synthesis of Discrete-Event Controllers based on the Signal Environment. Discrete Event Dynamic System: Theory and Applications, 10(4):325-346, Octobre 2000.


In this paper, we present the integration of controller synthesis techniques in the Signal environment through the description of a tool dedicated to the incremental construction of reactive controllers. The plant is specified in Signal and the control synthesis is performed on a logical abstraction of this program, named polynomial dynamical system (PDS) over Z/3Z= {-1,0,+1}. The control of the plant is performed by restricting the controllable input values with respect to the control objectives. These restrictions are obtained by incorporating new algebraic equations into the initial system. This theory sets the basis for the verification and the controller synthesis tool, Sigali. Moreover, we present a tool developed around the Signal environment allowing the visualization of the synthesized controller by an interactive simulation of the controlled system. In a first stage, the user specifies in Signal both the physical model and the control objectives to be ensured. A second stage is performed by the Signal compiler which translates the initial Signal program into a PDS, and the control objectives in terms of polynomial relations/operations. The controller is then synthesized using Sigali. The result is a controller coded by a polynomial and then by a Ternary Decision Diagram (TDD). Finally, in a third stage, the obtained controller and some simulation processes are automatically included in the initial Signal program. It is then sufficient for the user to compile the resulting Signal program which generates executable code ready for simulation. Different academic examples are used to illustrate the application of the tool


Hervé Marchand
Patricia Bournai

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