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08/11-10/11 : Madhavan Mukund visits Rennes.

04/11-... : Akshay Sundararaman is now on a post doc position in Distribcom


: Akshay Sundararaman will visit Rennes to continue the work on time constrained scenarios.

: A common paper on distributed sessions composition was accepted at ATVA 2011.

24/05 - 24/05 : M.Mukund gave a seminar at LSV of session composition, and presented the work done on this topic within DST.

18/05 - 18/05
: L.Hélouët and M.Mukund met in Paris to continue the work on the session formalism.

09/05  :         Work on sessions composition was submitted to a conference.

09/04  :         Work on Time constrained MSC graphs was submitted to a conference.

26/01 - 02/02 : L.Hélouët visited M.Mukund and N. Kumar to continue work on the session formalism and to give a talk during the ACTS conference.


01/12 - 10/12
: L.Hélouët, B. Genest, S. Akshay and S. Yang met in Singapore to continue working on Time Constrianed MSCs..

3/05 - 8/05
: Madhavan Mukund visited S4 and Distribcom teams in Rennes. Joint work with Ph. Darondeau on Workflow/session based formalism for the description of web applications.

01/04 : Rouwaida Abdallah joined the Distribcom team for a PhD. She will be involved in the realistic (timed) implementation topic.

05/02-15/ 02 : Anne Bouillard visited P.S. Thiagarajan at NUS.

30/01 - 05/02 : Loic Hélouët was invited for the ACTS workshop in Chennai.

01/2010 : Blaise Genest moved to Singapore.


28/11- 08/12 : Loic Helouet visited P.S. Thiagarajan at NUS. Joint work on timed Message Sequence Charts with a real time semantics.

9/11 - 22/11 : Soumya Paul visited S4 and Distribcom. Work on the Quasi-static Scheduling problem (how to verify the existence of distributed controllers to ensure that communication channels remain bounded.

01/05 - 24/07 : Gunjan Aggarwal spent three months in the Distribcom Team as a summer inter. She developped a timed simulator for scenarios. See details here.

21/01 - 31/01 : Philippe Darondeau  & Loïc Hélouët visited the indian part of the team. The topic addressed during this sojour, was realistic implementation, i.e how to implement in a dsitributed way a specification with as little messages as possible.

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