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Olivier Heen - Network Security

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During 2008-2009, i was associate specialist at INRIA Rennes (IRISA) in the Celtique team. My research area is about Network Security and Verification of Protocols. My industrial team is the Thomson R&D Security Laboratory, Rennes, France.


I am currently Senior Security Engineer at Technicolor.

Address: 1, av. de Belle-Fontaine - CS 17616
E-mail: olivier.heen@technicolor.com.
Phone: +33 (0) 2 99 27 95 99
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Most frequent misspelling

My name and forname are sometime misspelled. You may find here and there on the web:
  • "Oliver Heen" the forgotten "i" in my forename generally comes after rewriting by an english talking person.
  • "Olivier Keen" the "K" instead of an "H" is an OCR error.
  • "Olivier Henn" the double "n" instead of a double "e" generally comes after rewriting by a north european person.