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Antoine Boutet

ASAP Reseach Group
Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu

+33 2 99 84 71 63


  • Paper “HyRec: Leveraging browsers for scalable recommenders” has been accepted to Middleware 2014!

Short biography

I am a member of the As Scalable As Possible group of the INRIA Rennes Laboratory. I received an engineering degree in computer science from the Compiegne University of Technology in 2006. I spent time with ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) working on Mobile IPv6 standardization. I also worked with the Dionysos group of the INRIA Rennes laboratory as research engineer where I managed the European project Anemone as well as worked on mobile IP environments. In 2009, I integrated the ASAP group to manage the deployment of the wireless sensor network dedicated to the SensLAB project. In January 2010, I started a Phd thesis focused on decentralizing personalization systems with Anne-Marie Kermarrec as advisor. I defended my Phd in March 2013, my jury was composed of Amr El Abbadi (rapporter), Antonio Carzaniga, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Pascale Sébillot and Peter Triantafillou (rapporter). Now I am engineer in a startup project based on works done during my Phd.

Electronic version of my CV.

Research interests

  • Social Networks Analysis and Mining
  • Collaborative and Distributed Systems
  • Information Diffusion
  • Epidemic and Gossip Algorithms
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Anonymous Communication
  • Data Management

Active Projects

  • AllYours / MediEgo project: Startup project on recommendation system

Past Projects

  • Gossple Project: Creation of WhatsUp: A Distributed News Recommender
    • Poster and video available here!
  • Gossip Simulator: Creation of a simulator for gossip protocol including visualization
  • SensLAB Project: Setting up large scale open wireless sensor network testbed and the portal dedicated to experiments
  • Anemone Project: Setting up and managing the Mobile IPv6 aware open testbed at Rennes, demos and project management.

Recent professional activities



Program committees:

Local activities:

  • Member of the “Commission locale de formation” of INRIA Rennes in 2010 and 2011
  • Web master of the asap website and various project’s websites
  • System and network administrator of the Gossple / AllYours testbed
  • Organizer of “Dev meeting” (technical meeting in asap group)


  • 2006 – 2011: Mobile IPv6 (97h)
    • Directed and Practical work sessions dedicated to introduce the mechanisms of IPv6 mobility (MIPv6 and NEMO).
    • Telecom Bretagne, IFIC, ESIR ; Rennes
  • 2008 – 2009: Object-Oriented Programming (22h)
    • Practical work sessions to introduce the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
    • INSA ; Rennes


On The
Impact of Users Availability In OSNs

Publications list

Transactions and Journals: 3 Conferences: 12 Activity Reports: 4 Other Publications: 3

Transaction and Journal


  • Antoine Boutet, Davide Frey, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Antoine Rault, François Taïani, Jingjing Wang. Hide & Share: Landmark-based Similarity for Private KNN Computation. 45th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN), Jun 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. pp.263-274, ⟨10.1109/DSN.2015.60⟩.
  • Antoine Boutet, Davide Frey, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec. WhatsUp: news from, for, through everyone. 10th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing (IEEE P2P'10), Aug 2010, Delft, Netherlands.

Technical Reports

Other Publications

  • Antoine Boutet, Eiko Yoneki. Member Classification and Party Characteristics in Twitter during UK Election. 2011. ⟨hal-00645428⟩.
  • Antoine Boutet. Which aquaintances through distributed social networks?. 2010. ⟨inria-00515421⟩.
  • Antoine Boutet, Davide Frey, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec. WhatsUp: news from, for, through everyone. 2010. ⟨inria-00468272⟩.