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Quick start guide

  1. Register. As an e-mail with a temporary password will be sent to you, a valid e-mail address is required.
  2. Change your password
  3. Get a new problem
  4. When you think that you have solved a problem, List problems allows you to submit your labeling to the Oracle.
  5. Smile, you are maybe in the Hall of Fame. The Gowachin map will show you what are the new areas of science to explore...

Quick introduction

After Abbadingo One, here is coming the Abbadingo Once benchmark: Gowachin. It is based on same principles except that:

The problems are now generated on demand. You can choose your own parameters such as the expected DFA size and the number of sample strings. And two new parameters allowing noise on the samples have been added. Please note that the DFA's depth is no more constrained to be exactly (2 log2 N)-2 rounded to the nearest integer.

The Oracle becomes lazy, he accepts to answer to a given problem only once. The problem will be "killed" after a request. But, on the other hand, the Oracle will return a score for the proposed labeling.

Comments are welcome

Gowachin is being organized and administered by Kevin J. Lang, Barak A. Pearlmutterand François Coste.