Cultural contribution

The use of fetishes by the Zuni Indians dates prior to pre-Columbian times. This fetish  has been discovered  near the Computer Science Department  at the University of New Mexico. It is believed to represent a frog, but according to some theoretical studies it may more likely represent their batrachian cousin named Gowachin. In this case, it would be the proof of a past presence of the Gowachin species on earth.

By the way, here is the recipe of  frog legs in garlic butter

                              Serves 4


                                   16 frog legs ( size 10-12 )
                                   2 tbsp. olive oil
                                   1/2 cup dry white wine
                                   1/2 cup whipping cream
                                   2 tbsp. garlic butter
                                   salt and pepper to taste

                                   In a skillet, heat up the olive oil. Season the frog
                                   legs with salt and pepper, coat with the flour, dust
                                   off the excess and sear into the hot skillet on both
                                   sides then transfer onto a baking sheet to a
                                   preheated oven (375F-175C) for about 4 minutes
                                   or until done.

                                   Deglaze the skillet with the wine, let reduce by
                                   half, then add the whipping cream and allow
                                   reducing again for another half. Season to taste
                                   and add the soft garlic butter, whisk to dissolve.

                                   Transfer the frog legs onto a serving plate and
                                   topped with garlic butter sauce.

                                   Serve with wilted spinach or steamed vegetables

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