Brain Imaging

Contacts: C. Barillot, P. Hellier

Scientific context

The progress made in the acquisition of anatomical volumes and the precision of the functional   examinations opens the way to cortical atlases projects. An essential stage for the establishment of a  cortical anatomo-functional cartography is the development of a nonlinear inter patient registration method. This registration then makes it possible to put in correspondence cortical structures and to defer, from one structure to another, labels like probabilities of activation for instance.


In this context our work is turned into two directions:


Sulci after registration
Preliminary results showing the learning set after registration of 6 right central sulci (left), and the first deformation mode around the mean model (right).

Matching between 2 sets of sulci Example of sulci detected onto two subjects and registered based on a global referential (Talairach). This example is a good illustration of the great inter-individual variabilities which can be observed in shape and position. This can lead to important bias when trying to compare or average functional localizations between different individuals.
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