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- Models Composition, Aspects and Analysis

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MoCAA is a collaboration between the Software Assurance Lab from Colorado State University and the Triskell team at IRISA. MoCAA is the follow-up to the MATT équipe associée which has been funded from 2006 to 2008.


Benoit Baudry (INRIA Researcher)
Robert France (Professor at CSU)


One paper accepted for publication in SoSyM Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Benoît Combemale, Steven Derrien, Clément Guy, Sanjay Rajopadhye. "Bridging the Chasm Between MDE and the World of Compilation". Journal of Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM) (2012)


Computer-based systems have been growing in complexity at an exponential rate (roughly 10 fold increase every ten years) for more than 40 years. Like in other sciences, people have been relying more and more on modeling to try to master this complexity. Modeling, in the broadest sense, is indeed the cost-effective use of a simplified representation of an aspect of the world for a specific purpose. Because in software a model has the same nature as the thing it models, this opens the possibility to automatically derive software (and other artefacts such as test cases, performance profiles, or documentation) from its model. This property is well known from any compiler writer (and others), but it was recently be made quite popular with initiatives such as Model Integrated Computing (MIC) or OMG's Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA), globally known as Model Driven Development (MDD). In this context, models are formally described and can be automatically manipulated for refinement, composition, test case generation, documentation; All those operations are model transformations. This collaboration aims at better understanding how classical software engineering practices (design patterns, validation, methods, IDEs;) can be adapted to develop model transformations. This will include three mains activities:

  • Model Composition. As models are getting larger and larger and more an more productive, it is important to decompose these models in smaller units. Once a model is decomposed, it is possible to reason on each sub-model separately and check properties on the smaller models. It is also necessary to compose these models to reason globally on the system's model. An important part of our work consists in proposing efficient and flexible solutions for automatic model composition. We have developped a a generic framework for model composition: Kompose
  • Validation in MDD. Here, we will focus on one particular issue which is the validation of model transformations. We will consider several techniques: testing the output model produced by the transformation, test generation for model transformations, and mutation analysis for models.
  • Repository for MDD artefacts. This last point is orthogonal to the two others, and it is a crucial mechanism to improve our common work, but also to share this work with a larger community concerned with MDD. This is part of the collaboration program, because we will have to decide what is in this repository, what are the mechanisms we want this repository to offer, who will use it.
  • MoCAA and LRS collaborate on the integration of model-driven engineering and compilation. Members of both équipes associées have submitted a paper to IEEE Software about the benefits and challenges for the integration of these two research fields.


    Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Benoît Combemale, Steven Derrien, Clément Guy, Sanjay Rajopadhye. "Bridging the Chasm Between MDE and the World of Compilation". Journal of Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM) (2012)

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    Past Events

    In october 2010 Emergences, an INRIA newsletter for IT companies in Britanny, talks about MoCAA (in french).

    Robert France will visit Triskell and Cairn in September 2010. He is a referee for Freddy Munoz's PhD

    Benoit Combemale was at CSU in May and June 2010 working on verification and model composition with Robert France and Sanjay Rajopadhy

    Benoit Baudry spent 2 weeks at CSU in May 2010

    Mickael Cavreul was at CSU from February to May 2010, working on model composition with Robert France and on an empirical study with Jim Bieman

    David Janovy and Minhazur Rahman spent the summer 2009 at IRISA to work on adaptive systems.

    Robert France and Benoit Baudry gave lectures at the International School on Model-Driven Design for Distributed, Real time, Embedded Systems MDD4DRES.

    Romain Delamare and Benoit Baudry visited CSU in April.

    Jean-Marc Jézéquel visited CSU in July 2008.

    Benoit Baudry visited CSU from December 2007 to September 2008 as part of the INRIA-sabbatique program.

    MoDeVVa'08 was associated to ICST'08

    Jean-Marc Jézéquel and Robert France were guest editors for a special issue on Aspects and Model-Driven Engineering in Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development. Call for papers

    Freddy Muñoz and Romain Delamare visited CSU in March 2008.

    Franck Fleurey visited CSU in September and October 2007. He also presented results from the MATT team at EDOC'07.

    Robert France and Sudipto Ghosh will give a talk at IRISA on June 8, 2007.

    MoDeVVa'07 was associated to MoDELS'07

    Professor Robert France visited IRISA from January to June 2007 as part of his sabbatical.

    Jean-Marie Mottu and Franck Fleurey visited CSU in August 2006

    Benoit Baudry visited CSU in April 2006

    Robert France, Sudipto Ghosh, Trung Dinh-Trong and Devon Simmonds visited IRISA in June 2006

    MoDeVVa'05 was associated to MoDELS'05