Testing Tool Prototype



Testing Tool Prototype

ttproto is an experimental tool for implementing testing tools, for conformance and interoperability testing.

It was first implemented to explore new features and concepts for the TTCN-3 standard, but we also used it to implement a passive interoperability test suite we provided for the CoAP interoperability event held in Paris in March 2012.

This tool is implemented in python3 and its design was influenced mainly by TTCN-3 (abstract model, templates, snapshots, behaviour trees, communication ports, logging) and by Scapy (syntax, flexibility, customisability)

Its purpose is to facilitate rapid prototyping rather than experimentations (rather than production use). We choosed to maximise its modularity and readability rather than performances and real-time considerations.

Now you should have a look at the Features page and at the Download page.

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