TEXMEX Research Team
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Internships and jobs opportunities

The opportunities presented here are especially opened to foreign students and scientists. Unless indicated otherwise, speaking French is not required. All our opportunities are presented on the page in French.

Internships for 2010/2011

Please contcat the corresponding advisor if you are interested by one of the propositions.

PhD thesis

To candidate to any of these proposal, contact the corresponding advisor.

Post-doc position

Positions depend upon the acception of contracts and projects. Stay tuned.

Permanents (= tenured) positions

In France, all permanents researchers and teachers are civil servants. There are tenured (almost) automatically one year after their recruitment.
Positions opened by the national research institutes CNRS and INRIA allow to work in the TEXMEX team. Speaking French is not required since there is no teaching duty.
Some positions will also be opened in local universities (but require some good abilities in French).
If you are interested: