Aggregating local descriptors into a compact representation

We provide a simple Matlab implementation of the method described in this paper.
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This technique allows very large scale image indexing with a very compact image representation (typically 16 to 40 bytes per image).

Download Matlab package (71MB)
This package was written by Herve Jegou, June 2010.
Copyright (C) INRIA 2010.
This version is provided for research purposes only, without any support and with no guarantee.
The package makes use of Mex-files. It has been tested on Linux and MacOS, however it would require some work to have it available on Windows. We will not provide a Windows version.

Remark: This is an independent implementation of the method, not the one we used to generate the results of our the paper.

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This paper makes use of several distinct packages. All instructions are given in the README file, however you might be interested at looking at them: