TEXMEX Research Team
Efficient Exploitation of Multimedia Documents
Exploration, Indexing, Navigation, and Access to Very Large Databases

TEXMEX Team Members

Permanent members

Laurent AMSALEG, CNRS research scientist
Sébastien CAMPION, INRIA research engineer
Vincent CLAVEAU, CNRS research scientist
Teddy FURON, INRIA research scientist
Guillaume GRAVIER, CNRS research scientist
Patrick GROS, INRIA senior research scientist
Hervé JÉGOU, INRIA research scientist
Ewa KIJAK, associate professor, University of Rennes 1
Simon MALINOWSKI,associate professor, Rennes 1
François POULET, associate professor, University of Rennes 1
Christian RAYMOND, associate professor, INSA Rennes
Pascale SÉBILLOT, professor, INSA Rennes

Adminsitrative assistant

Aurélie PATIER

Graduate students

Raghavendran BALU, in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent
Reeeeeeeacute;mi BOIS
Mohammed Haykel BOUKADIDA, in collaboration with Orange labs
Mihir JAIN
Bingqing QU, in collaboration with INA
Anca-Roxana SIMON

Technical staff, post-doctoral fellows

Andrei BURSUC, Inria post-doc
Ronan SICRE, Inria post-doc
Giorgos TOLIAS, INRIA post-doc
Li WENG, Inria post-doc


Former members

Béatrice ARNULPHY, operations manager, National Research Agency
Maryse AUFFRAY, project assistant, INRIA Rennes
Siwar BAGHDADI, Engineer at Artimia
Mathieu BEN, R&D engineer at Powedia
David BONNAUD, engineer, NXP Semiconductors
Sid-Ahmed BERRANI, research scientist at France-Telecom R&D, Cesson-Sévigné, France
Laure BERTI-ÉQUILLE, seniot research scientist at Institut de Recherche pour le développement
Nicolas BONNEL, creator of ThinksCollabs
Morgan BREHINIER, Web developer, Licorn Publishing
Philippe DAUBIAS, Research engineer, INRP
Manolis DELAKIS, engineer at Anevia
Jonathan DELHUMEAU, creates a spin-off
Agni DELVINIOTI, PhD student at university of Amsterdam
Claire-Hélène DEMARTY, engineer at Thomson
Thanh Toan DO, postdoc, University of Technology and Design, Singapore
Thanh Nghi DOAN, lecturer at An Giang University, Viet Nam
Antoine DOUCET, associate professor, university of Caen
Cédric DUFOUIL, engineer at Assystem
Arnaud DUPUIS, Creator of the Powedia company
Florent DUTRECH, graduate student, LEAR team, INRIA Grenoble
Khaoula ELAGOUNI, R&D engineer at MyScript, Nantes, France
Brigitte FAUVET, engineer at Orange, Paris, France
Christophe GARCIA, full professor, INSA Lyon, France
Philippe GOSSELIN, professor, ENSEA
Gylfi GUDMUNDSSON, post-doc at Univ. of California at Berkeley, USA
Camille GUINAUDEAU, post-doc, Heildelberg
Panagiotis HADJIDOUKAS, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, University of Ioannina
Carryn HAYWARD, Civil servant, Jersey Island
Ariane HERBULOT, associate professor, university of Toulouse
Stéphane HUET, associate professor, university of Avignon
Zein al Abidin IBRAHIM, assistant professor at the university of Angers
Zied JEMAI, engineer at Unilog-LogicaCMG
Pierre-Hugues JOALLAND, engineer at Jouve
Anicet KOUOMOU-CHOUPO, post-doc université du Québec en Outaouais
Josip KRAPAC, post-doc, university of Zagreb
Sébastien LE MAGUER, expert-engineer, Comin Web project
Sophie LE DELLIOU, engineer at ALTEN.
Gwénolé LECORVÉ, post-doc at IDIAP, Switzerland
Sébastien LEFÈVRE, professor, university of Southern Brittany
Gaël MANSON, engineer at Twenga
Emmanuelle MARTIENNE, associate professor, university of Rennes 2
Arthur MASSON, expert-engineer, Eurostars FIIA project
Benjamin MATHON, associate professor, university of Lille
Peter MEERWALD, research engineer, BCT electronic GmbH
Fabienne MOREAU, associate professor, university of Rennes 2
Annie MORIN, retired
Xavier NATUREL, R\&D engineer, Vesalis
Stacy PAYNE, manager at Aviouest
Cédric PENET
Nguyen Khang PHAM, associate professor, Cantho university, Vietnam
Rodolphe PRIAM, associate professor, university of Poitiers
Anthony REMAZEILLES, research scientist at Fatronik
Mathias ROSSIGNOL, post-doc in Hanoï
Boris ROUSSEAU, Engineer at INRIA
Denis SHEASTAKOV, post-doc, Aalto university, Finland
Anh-Phuong TA
Romain TAVENARD, post-doc at IDIAP
Pierre TIRILLY, post-doc, University of Milwaukee, USA
Giorgos TOLIAS, visiting scientist from NTUA,Athens
François TONNIN, teacher in math
Michele TREVISIOL, graduate student at Yahoo!, Barcelona
Laurent UGHETTO, associate professor, university of Rennes 2
Davy WEISSENBACHER, post-doc, United States
Jiangbo YUAN, Graduate student fron Florida State University visiting the team
Joaquin ZEPEDA, post-doc at Technicolor
Wanlei ZHAO