Gael Sourimant

Contact Information

gael (dot) sourimant (at) irisa (dot) fr
IRISA, Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu,
35042 Rennes Cedex - FRANCE
Project Assistant
(Huguette Bechu)


Since 2010
Research engineer at Technicolor
Research engineer in the TEMICS project (IRISA), on the subject of 3DTV and auto-stereoscopic visualization. This work is part of the Futurim@ge project.
PhD Thesis in the TEMICS project (IRISA), on the subject of reconstruction of urban areas based on GPS, GIS and Video registration
Master Degree in Computer Science at the IFSIC, Université de Rennes 1
My resume is available in french

Research Activities

PhD Thesis

Reconstruction of urban areas based on GPS, GIS and Video registration (Reconstruction de scènes urbaines à l'aide de fusion de données de type GPS, SIG et Vidéo)
This thesis presents a new scheme for 3D buildings reconstruction, using GPS, GIS and Video datasets. The goal is to refine simple and geo-referenced 3D models of buildings, extracted from a GIS database (Geographic Information System). This refinement is performed thanks to a registration between these models and the video. The GPS provides rough information about the camera location.
First, the registration between the video and the 3D models using robust virtual visual servoing is presented. The aim is to find, for each image of the video, the geo-referenced pose of the camera (position and orientation), such as the rendered 3D models projects exactly on the building images in the video.
Next, textures of visible buildings are extracted from the video images. A new algorithm for façade texture fusion based on statistical analysis of the texels color is presented. It allows to remove from the final textures all occluding objects in front of the viewed building façades.
Finally, a preliminary study on façades geometric details extraction is presented. Knowing the pose of the camera for each image of the video, a disparity computation using either graph-cuts or optical flow is performed in texture space. The micro-structures of the viewed façades can then be recovered using these disparity maps.
PDF File (in French, 25.4MB) PDF File (in French, Low resolution version, 9.4MB)

Master Thesis

Reconstruction of video object models for augmented and virtual reality (Reconstruction de modèles d'objets vidéos pour des applications de réalité virtuelle augmentée)
3D extraction from video gives a representation adapted to low bitrate coding and provides enhanced functionalities such as 3D cues for augmented reality and interactive navigation in photo-realistic environments. But for degenerated motions of camera, like pure rotation, 3D information can not be retrieved. We proposed an original representation based on an hybrid 2D/3D models stream. The idea of this approach is to provide a modeling for all sequences including those with rotations. The sequence is divided into portions and for each one the motion of the camera is identified. Depending on the type of motion a 3D model, a cylindrical mosaic or a spherical mosaic is extracted. They are constructed in order to be suitable for an homogeneous visualization process.
PDF File (in French, 3.0MB)
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