Forgery tracing platform for avis

Presentation of a traitor tracing method for leaked video files.

T. Furon, C. Fontaine, M. Desoubeaux

contact: T. Furon , C. Fontaine , M. Desoubeaux


Traitor tracing is a way to protect unauthorized redistribution of multimedia content. This is an emerging technology spring from the development of the internet and recent multimedia processing techniques. .


We  embed a unique ID in each user's copy of the content. This ID is a smart codeword, generated a la Tardos[1]. Tardos code has the particularity of offering robustness to collusion attacks when a small set of users forges a fake copy, containing a non registrered ID. The ID  is embedded thanks to a robust zero bit side informed watermarking technique called Broken Arrows [2].


Traitor tracing process explanation

Fig. 1 - Traitor tracing process.

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In all of these demonstrations, when a video is stopped, you just have to click on the green button with the arrow to continu. This is the only clickable area !

Broken Arrows quality

Broken Arrows robustness

Broken Arrows watermark

Buffering strategy

buffering method

Short parts of attacked movies

Average attack with 5 colluders, buffer size : 1/2 second

Sequences detected and accusation results

More informations

[1]B. Skoric, S. Katzenbeisser, and M. Celik. Symmetric Tardos fingerprinting codes for arbitrary alphabet sizes.Designs, Codes and Cryptography,46(2):137-166, February 2008

[2]T. Furon P. Bas. Broken Arrows. submitted to EURASIP Journal on Information Security, 2008

Link to broken arrows source code here

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