Lytro first generation dataset
contact: A. Mousnier, E. VuralC. Guillemot

Related publication

A. Mousnier, E. Vural and C. Guillemot, "Partial Light Field Tomographic Reconstruction From a Fixed-Camera Focus Stack", IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, submitted, 2015. ([Project page].)


The raw light fields data can be decoded with the matlab light field toolbox. The decoding process includes de-vignetting, color de-mosaicking, conversion of the hexagonal to a rectangular sampling grid, colour correction, and extraction of the sub-aperture images.

The dataset is composed of:
- The "raws" folder containing 30 .lfp files
- The "stacks" folder containing 30 focus stacks
- The "sn-A303134643" folder containing white images and calibration files for our Lytro camera

The dataset itself is composed of:
- 25 Lytro photographs taken indoor and outdoor, in various places (Rennes, Paris, Lausanne)
- 3 Lytro photographs taken with a motion blur (MotionBlur_Car, MotionBlur_Rearview, MotionBlur_EmergencyCallStation)
- 1 Lytro photograph taken with long exposure time (LongExposure_Aya)
- 1 Lytro photograph of a flat photograph (Flat_Toes)

Guitar Ramp Street Fountain & Statue Edelweiss Chapeliers Street
Church Cocktail Cake Ground Grids & Letters Fruits
Totoro Downfall Flower Totoro Park Beers
EPFL watermelon riponne


The full dataset is available here for download (1,33 Gb).