Pr. Michel Raynal

Membre de l'Institut Universitaire de France
(French University Fellow)

My View
Professional Activities
Scientific Achievements

Senior Member, Institut Universitaire de France
IRISA, ISTIC Université de Rennes
Avenue du Général Leclerc
35042, Rennes cedex tel: +33 6 8256 3884

□ “Doctorat d’Etat” in Computer Science, University of Rennes, 1981.
□ PhD in Computer Science, University of Rennes, 1975 (PhD grant from French CNRS).
□ Engineer diploma (INSA, Rennes), 1973.
□ French Baccalauréat in Sciences   (1968,  grade “bien”)
     French Baccalauréat in Literature (1969, grade “assez-bien”).

Professional experience
□ 2015: SIROCCO Prize for “Innovation in Distributed Computing”.
□ 2013: Adjunct Professor, Polytechnic University (PolyU), Hong-Kong.
□ 2010: Senior Member, Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).
□ 1989: Full professor, IRISA, University of Rennes, France
               ( Prof. first class 1989, except. class 1998).
□ 1984-1989: Associate professor, IRISA, University of Rennes, France ( Prof. 2d class).
□ 1984-2002: Founder and head of the ADP research group, IRISA.
                        (ADP stands for “Algorithmes distribués et protocoles”)
□ 1981-1983: Professor, head of the computer science department, ENST
                         (Telecom engineer high school), Brest.
□ 1976-1981: full-time researcher, INRIA, Rennes.

Main research interests
□ Distributed algorithms, distributed computing systems,
     distributed computability, dependability.
□ Fundamental principles that underlie the design and the construction of
     distributed computing systems.

Outside computer science
□ I enjoy literature, rugby, hiking, and cats. I am a wine amateur (Vigneron d’honneur de la confrérie
      de Saint-Emilion) and enjoys Cahors’s wine (A Malbec that is the darkest wine in the world!).
□ My Erdös number is 2 ( Erdös → Zaks → Raynal).
□ Cited in the French Whoswho since 2009.


Starting period
□ After obtaining an engineer diploma from INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes), I obtained a PhD grant from the CNRS, and defended a PhD (the topic of which was related to synchronization) in 1975. I was then hired as a full-time researcher by IRIA (now INRIA) from 1976 until 1981, where I worked on abstract data types, protection, synchronization, and programming languages. In 1981 I obtained the “Doctorat d’Etat” degree in Computer Science, the title of which was “Contribution à l'étude de la coopération dans les langages et les systèmes informatiques”.
□ Then, I moved to Brest (France) in an engineer school (ENST de Bretagne, a French engineer school on telecommunications, sister-school of ENST ParisTech), where, as a professor, I created and managed the “computer science and engineering” department.

Professor: on the research side
□ In 1984, I moved back to the university of Rennes where, since then, I have been a professor in computer science. At IRISA (CNRS-INRIA-University joint computing research laboratory located in Rennes), I founded a research group on Distributed Algorithms in 1984 (one of the very first groups on this topic in Europe at that time). My research interests includes distributed algorithms, distributed computing systems, distributed computability and dependability. My main interest lies in the fundamental principles that underlie the design and the construction of distributed computing systems. □ I have been Principal Investigator of many research grants in these areas (founded by the European community, private companies -such as Alcatel, GEC-Alsthom and France-Telecom-, or the French government). I have also obtained grants from bi-national research programmes between France and other countries such as Brazil, Hong-Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, and USA (Santa Barbara, Georgia Tech, Kansas State U.).
□ Recently, I participated in two four-years projects.  One, called TRANSFORM (2010-2013), was a Marie Curie project devoted to the theory of software transactional memories. The other one, called DISPLEXITY (2011-2015),  is an ANR project funded by the French government, devoted to distributed computing.  I am currently applying for a new ANR project devoted to distributed  software engineering.  (French ANR is a national funding agency, similar to NSF in the USA.)

Professor: on the teaching  and adminstration side
□ At the “French licence” level, I mainly teached basic courses on algorithms, synchronization, and operating systems. At the master degree level, I teach mainly distributed computing (this was a good incentive to write books on the topic).
□ As far as university duties are concerned, during more than 25 years, I always had responsabilities: DESS, DEA, Master and thesis in computer science. I was also during 8 years chair of the “commission de spécialistes”  (hiring committee).

Invitations by research centers or foreign universities,  summer schools 
□ Lots of stay from two weeks until several months in a lot of labs and universities all over the world. IBM Almaden (California, USA), University of Santa Barbara (USA), Austin University (USA), Georgia Tech (USA), EPFL (Switzerland), Universit ́e de Montréal (Canada), Hong-Kong Polytechnic University, University of Nanjing, University of Guangzhou –Canton– (China), Federal University of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), UNAM (Mexico), Universidade Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), University of the Basque Country (San Sebastian, Spain), Konkuk university (Seoul, South Korea), Tokyo Denki university (Japan), Seikei University (Japan), JAIST (Japan), University of Lisboa (Portugal), Università di Roma La Sapienza (Italy), Università di Napoli (Italy), Ecole nationale d’ingénieurs de Tunis (Tunisia), Institut national d’informatique d’Alger (Algeria), Université  de Yaoundé (Cameroun).
□ I participated in more than 30 spring/summer schools, all over the world (Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia), where I gave lectures on distributed algorithms and distributed computing systems.


Publications in journals and conferences, books, impact
□ Up to now, I published 140 papers in journals. These journals cover both theory and practice. Among them, there are the following prestigious journals: the Journal of the ACM, Algorithmica, SIAM Journal of Computing, Acta Informatica, Distributed Computing, The Communications of the ACM, Information and Computation, Journal of Computer and System Sciences, JPDC, IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on TPDS, IEEE Computer, IEEE Software, Journal of Supercomputing, IPL, PPL, Theoretical Computer Science, Theory of Computing Systems, Real-Time Systems Journal, The Computer Journal, etc.
□ I have also published 306 papers in conferences (ACM STOC, ACM PODC, ACM SPAA, IEEE ICDCS, IEEE DSN, DISC, COCOON, IEEE IPDPS, ICDCN, OPODIS, Europar, FST&TCS, IEEE SRDS, etc.).
□ I have written eleven books devoted to parallelism, distributed algorithms and systems Three are only  in French. Two were published by the MIT Pressn and two by Wiley. As far as the four books I wrote in past five years are concerned, two were published by Morgan & Claypool in 2010, and two by Springer in 2013.  
□ I have been an invited speaker in more than 28 international conferences (including some of the most prestigious ones: DISC, SIROCCO, EUROPAR, ICDCN, IEEE NCA, and OPODIS).
□ Among my publications, 412 are listed when querying DBLP.
□  My h-index is 49 (as computed by Google Scholar) and 54 (as computed by Harzing software).
Research: team, editorial boards, best papers, conference chair
□ I created one of the very first research groups in Europe, on distributed algorithms. During more than 20 years, I managed it. During this period, I obtained grants from CNET (French Telecom research), Thomsom, Alsthom, Alcatel, the European Union, and the French government).
□  I supervised 35 PhD students, and co-supervised 10.
□ I currently serve in the editorial board of three international journals. I served in program committees for more than 10 international conferences (including ACM PODC, DISC, ICDCS, IPDPS, DSN, LADC, SRDS, SIROCCO, ICDCN, SSS, NETYS, OPODIS, etc.) and chaired the program committee of more than 20 international conferences (including DISC -twice-, ICDCS, SIROCCO, ICDCN, OPODIS, and NETYS).
□ I received eight best paper Awards (IEEE ICDCS three times in a row 1999, 2000, and 2001, SSS in 2009 and 2011, Europar in 2010, DISC in 2010, PODC in 2014).
□ Recently, I chaired ICDCN 2013 (devoted to distributed computing and networked systems, LNCS 7730) and NETYS 2014 (devoted to networked systems, LNCS 8593).

A glimpse at international recognition
□ I  have been appointed adjunct professor at Polytechnic Univerity of Hong Kong.
□ Recipient of  the 2015 “Innovation in distributed computing” award,  that is presented annually at the “Int'l Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity” (SIROCCO).
□ I am European representative at the IEEE Technical Committee on distributed computing.

Responsibilities at the national level
□ Elected member of the Scientific Council of the Computer Science department of the CNRS (INS2I), 2011-2014.
□  Member of the Executive board of the SIF (Société d'Informatique Française), since 2013.

A few figures
The following tables describe my publication activity and its impact.



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Papers in peer-reviewed Journals


Papers in peer-reviewed Conf. proceedings


Best paper awards


Other(informal or short) publications


Invited Papers (Int’l Conf + workshops)


Supervised PhD
Co-supervised PhD


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PC Member

> 180

PC Chair and Proceedings Editor

> 20

PhD Committees

> 180

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Articles cited by DBLP


Among my 306 articles in conferences


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PODC papers regular,brief

15, 16

DISC papers regular, brief

15, 7

ICDCS papers


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SRDS and DSN papers


Among my 140 articles in journals


IEEE Transactions in Parallel and Dist. Systems


IEEE Other Transactions (TC, TSE, TKDE)


Distributed Computing


Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing


Theoretical Computer Science (TCS)


Information Processing Letters


Parallel Processing Letters


JACM, SIAM JC, Algorithmica, JCSS, ToCS Acta Informatica, Information& Computation


The Computer Journal


Magazines: IEEE Computer,IEEE Software,CACM


Articles in French Journals


Articles in Asian Journals