BASS-dB: the Blind Audio Source Separation evaluation database
Selected mixtures and separation results
Stereo underdetermined instantaneous
Detailed results of algorithm "MP stereo" on mixture "Latino 1"
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0
Specific parameters: nb_atoms=10000
Estimated source sound files: src_est_1.wav  src_est_2.wav  src_est_3.wav  src_est_4.wav  src_est_5.wav    
Average SDR: 8.8
Average SIR: 25.7
Average SAR: 8.9
SDR for all sources: 3.5 8.1 14.8
SIR for all sources: 19.3 26.6 31.2
SAR for all sources: 3.7 8.1 14.9
Other performance measures: auditory performance is impressive!

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